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Rustic MAKA Documentary Film

It's all in the family...from simple beginnings inspired by their mom to a business that pays tribute to their heritage. As they approach our 3rd birthday, it's hard to believe where their journey started and where they are at today. They are continuously committed to transparency, organic practices and communities around them as they move forward in growing Rustic MAKA.

Pointe Vision Care Success Documentary Clip

Before you can define your success you have to define yourself. Krista Anderson, an optometrist and co-founder of Pointe Vision Care, takes pride in improving her patients’ vision and their self confidence! Take a look at how she found her passion and turned it into a career to help others. 

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Success Documentary Clip

Not many people can say they expected to be making candy at 28 years old, and Andrew Chmielewski is no exception! Andrew is the founder of Dave’s Sweet Tooth, a Michigan based toffee company recognized nationally for its amazing taste. Watch how Andrew took a family recipe and turned it into a national success!

Isle Box 2 Success Documentary Clip

Travis Tamez heard a lot of “no”s and a lot of “it won’t work”, but it didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion. As one of the co-founders of Isle Box, his dream is to encourage as many people as possible to explore the great outdoors. Take a look at the video below to see the time he puts into his passion and how he measures his success.

The Ajamu Group Success Documentary Clip

Success can only come after failure, so Cheryl Ajamu took her failures and turned them into The Ajamu Group LLC. The Ajamu Group is a nationally known media advertising sales and event management firm based out of Detroit. Watch the video below to see how Cheryl used her failures and experiences to catapult her success to new heights!

Detroit Free Press Success Documentary Clip

A job can be a part of your success, but for Grace Leone it encompasses so much more. Grace has worked for the Detroit Free Press for the last 35 years and loved every day of it. Listen to how she explored other fields, but she always gravitated back to journalism and with it, her success.

(revolver) Hamtramck Success Documentary Clip

Success can be defined in many ways. For Peter Dalinowski success is doing what he loves everyday, and not answering to anybody is a bonus too! Peter is the owner of (revolver) Hamtramck, a chef’s table style restaurant that brings in different chefs and menus every week! Check out the video to see why he loves what he does and how his success keeps him motivated to try new things.

M Shannon Leadership Success Documentary Clip

Shannon Labruyere loves to help others the best way she can, and being her own boss lets her do just that! Instead of waiting for others to recognize her talents, Shannon started M Shannon Leadership and used her’s to help others to grow and learn. Take a look at why she started her own business and how she defines her success! 

Isle Box Success Documentary Clip

Kolin Karchon turned his passion for adventuring into a way to let others adventure the way he does. He is one of the co-founders of Isle Box, a business that encourages outside exploration by shipping curated camping and hiking goods to their subscribers. Success is a constant learning experience, listen to what Kolin has learned about success in the video below!

Government Relations Success Documentary Clip

Stepping outside your comfort zone is one of the most difficult things to do, but Sheri Gordon found her own unique sense of purpose and passion by doing just that. Check out the video below to see how she took her first steps into her career the real world and discovered her purpose in success.

Kindergarten Teacher Success Documentary Clip

Sarah Paone defines success as doing something you love that makes you happy, and she finds success teaching children everyday! Sarah is a kindergarten teacher whose passion is encouraging her students to follow their own passions and be successful in their own ways. Watch how she finds success impacting children’s lives, and how it pushes her to further her career.

Gus and Grey Success Documentary Clip

Success starts with a meaningful name, and thanks to a special cat Tara Grey found the perfect one: Gus and Grey! Check out how Tara found her dream career and the adventures that she has everyday because of it.

The Michigan Pedaler Success Documentary Clip

Success isn’t always the easiest ride, that’s why Mike Gill came up with something that is! The Michigan Pedaler is a 15-person party bike that takes tours though popular landmarks, bars and more in the city of Detroit! Take a look at how Mike put time, energy and passion into The Michigan Pedaler and was rewarded with success.

Moosejaw Success Documentary Clip

Some have success come from a passion, but Tom Lisi discovered a passion from his success. He began his career at Moosejaw when it was just starting off and as it continued to grow so did his love for his job. Watch how his passion for Moosejaw’s success became his own.

Mitten Crate Success Documentary Clip

He puts food in boxes, but to him it’s so much more. Take a look at how Cory Wright took a passion for food and turned it into the Mitten Crate success story.

Bon Bon Bon Success Documentary Clip

Some people express creativity paint, others through clay, but Alex Clark does it through chocolate! Using flavors all across the spectrum, Bon Bon Bon creates delicious bon bons in Hamtramck, the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Watch how she set out to taste some of the world’s best treats, and brought success back home with her.

Rustic MAKA Success Documentary Clip

Kasia Rothe, CEO and co-founder of Rustic MAKA, set out to make an organic, healthy deodorant product it was for her own use, so she had no idea how big of a success it would be! Take a look at how her personal quest to make a safe and natural product became the start of a thriving business.

dPOP! Success Documentary Clip

Before achieving success you need a proper workplace, and luckily Melissa Price designs them! Melissa is the CEO of dPOP!, a commercial interior design firm that creates working environments of the highest caliber. Check out the video below to see how Melissa defines success for herself and others.

Resource Office Interiors Success Documentary Clip

Greg Gozdor, owner of Resource Office Interiors, prides himself on building workspaces that reflect the culture and image of every individual business. Resource Office Interiors specializes in building incredibly designed working environments that are both practical and affordable even on tighter budgets. Take a look at how his idea of success was influenced and how he defines success today!

Lee Industrial Contracting Success Documentary Clip

Success means learning to make the decisions that matter. Ken Labruyere, of Lee Industrial Contracting, loves making those tough choices and teaching others to further the growth of the company. Check out the video below to see how he started his career and how he helps to lead others to success.

Attack Hunger Success Documentary Clip

Mike Ash is the founder of Attack Hunger, a company that gives back to charities of at-risk women and children across Detroit through every sale. His success has been watching Attack Hunger grow from the humble startup it was to the thriving business it is today! Watch how Mike decides not what’s best for him, but what’s best for his business and those he’s helping.

Wayne State University Success Documentary Clip

Sometimes success is leading others to find their own. Laura Hetzler is an academic advisor for Wayne State University, and helps students find what they need to do, both in and outside the classroom, to be successful in their goals. Listen to how she describes success and her advice for living a happy and successful life.

SUCCESS Documentary Film Release Party

The SUCCESS Documentary Film Release last night at Firebird Tavern was a success! ;) Thank you to all those who supported and participated in this documentary film. Below is the link to buy/rent the film…we’re so excited to share it to the rest of the world! Please contact for more information regarding educational and corporate licensing.

Yumbitz | Monica Martin Success Documentary Clip

Here's another clip from our interviews for the success documentary. This is Monica of yumbitz talking about how her dream of making cookies came true.

Nakee Butter | Evan Weber Success Documentary Clip

Over the past few months we've been working on a documentary film about success. We interviewed several Detroit business owners, CEOs, and inspiring/career minded professionals on what has made them successful. Here's the first of many clips from our interviews. This is Evan Weber from Nakee Butter talking about how the "Spread With Benefits" got started.